Cloé Luv born Lisa Merraro, née Morris in Brooklyn, New York is an established business mogul often referred to as the Renaissance woman. With an Associate’s degree in Paralegal Studies from Berkeley College, a B.S. from St. John’s University in Legal Studies and an MPA & MBA from John Jay College and Full Sail University, Cloé Luv’s academic expertise kept her ahead of the class and ahead of her time. Cloé Luv is most known for her accomplishments as the 1st youngest African American woman to own and operate a notable music production company and commercial recording facility titled "Brook Brovaz". Her company has worked with some of the hottest up & coming to multi Platinum , Grammy Award winning artist, as well as servicing musical compositions to major companies in TV, Film, Ad's, Video Games and Mnemonics. 

Cloé Luv is recognized for her philanthropic work in the community and woman's empowerment. Founder of " Women With Voices", a program under her Brook Brovaz Development 501 (C)(3) non-profit is a platform that supports women with guidance and resources needed, offering various services included but not limited to workshops, networking events, wig donations for women with cancer and hair loss illness, counseling sessions and online support. Cloé also runs a young adults creative arts project called "Micro Moguls", a program designed to build future leaders interested in a career in the entertainment arts. Testimonies prove her initiatives are significant as her annual "Changing The World One Woman At A Time" Award Ceremony Soiree continues to grow by the hundreds and all of the young adults of past Micro Moguls enrollment, has gone on to build their professional careers, gracing notable magazine covers, bill boards, projects going viral, teaching in Rwanda and even recognized by celebrities.   

Cloé has received a plethora of citations and awards for her humanitarian work which led her to invest in Cloé's Corner a Co-Working & Event Space just a few steps from the Brooklyn Nets Arena (Barclay Center) in the Boerum Hill section of downtown Brooklyn. Cloé's Corner is company that provides shared work spaces for  entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, small businesses, large enterprises, headquarters for "Women With Voices" and a business incubator multicultural center. In support of millennial minority under privileged women, Cloé Luv constructed a Fempreneurship, She Tech and Financial Literacy program, to help jump start the careers of 3000 female entrepreneurs trained in business consumer affairs. Spearheaded by Cloé's "New Life Consultants firm", she not only helps women but any entrepreneur looking to thrive. "New Life Consultants" is a success-consulting firm specializing in entrepreneurship execution, assisting in construct, restructure and resolutions for maintaining a successful business.  From the entertainment industry to corporate consulting, from non-profits to fashion, beauty & cosmetics and tech corporations, Cloé Luv has impacted these industries and continues to be commemorated for her achievements.  


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